Art imitates life. Life imitates art. The Internet imitates us? We imitate the Internet?
— confused observer



How can I use social media to expand my practice? How do I merge the physical and the digital world into one arena? My artistic investigation focuses on fluid, social events, where I appropriate ideograms and memes from social media as theatrical props. I conduct it by hosting and interviewing audiences and artists to participate in an already curated performance setting. What motivates me is how we manifest our social development online and offline. I reference online experiences and apply them to the format of talkshow and gameshow while posing the questions; why do we want to make art more accessible today? How do these tools give us new insight into contemporary art?



Franco Cortez (b.1984 in Chile, raised in Norway) is an artist and printmaker based in Oslo. He has a BFA in printmaking and drawing and an MFA in Medium –and Material Based Art from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KhiO). Alongside his printmaking collective (Krausekollektivet.com); focusing on the traditional practices and the expanded fields of printmaking. In 2015-16 they participated in the critically acclaimed “Avtrykk. Tresnitt fra fem århundrer” exhibition with their workshop performance - “tresnitt I prosess” (woodcut in process), this took place inside the National Gallery of Oslo. Franco created his own fictional persona; a jester between the digital and the physical, performing as a host, promoter and facilitator in gallery spaces, events and transmitting through social media. Co-directing and hosting the show “Live Arts” (3 seasons, 2014-16), a social event that included art practices being performed in front of an audience. Gradually getting more into social media he introduced “FTV (FearTv)” – Awkward Interviews and Fantastic Art, 2016-17” – a pop-up broadcasting concept consisting of him as Franky D`miedo, a smart-phone, internet connection and a microphone prop; a method he uses to broadcast his live interventions. He is inspired by the artists like; Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and her site specific live performances, the artist Jayson Musson`s character Hennessey Youngman`s Youtube channel and the artist Alex Israel`s talk show “As it Lays”.

The challenge and motivation remains in finding innovative ways to combine his inclusive enthusiasm together with his art practice and experiences to make art both accessible and entertaining.