"That’s right, we have 4 particpants that will enter the arena, they each meet a traditional canvas, but what they`ll do or how they will perform their practices is totally up to them. Within a time-limit of 60 min (with a break as half-time) it will all reveal itself infront of this audience! Is the audience to be included ? They will sure need you to vote for the best performance, artist or piece. How do you vote? It will all be unveiled in due time...without further ado, let`s meet this evenings artist participants!" - Franky D`miedo -

The works value lies in introducing its subject matter to those without special knowledge, an investigation on making art both accessible, entertaining and critical.


1.       The Participants: Formally trained or self-thought, they are invited to perform their practices live in front of an audience. So keep your eyes peeled, maybe their works might include even you!

2.       The Time-limit: For each episode/battle round there is given a specific time to complete a process or result. With a little break in the middle functioning as half-time. (time-limits tested 60/90 min)

3.       The Voting: the will be a magical appearance at half time where you will also be included and invited to vote forth tonights winner

4.       The Art-Talk: At the end of each episode before revealing the winner there is a little time for commenting on each individual process and result. The host invites the audience to have a chat with him and the artist.

5.       The Mediation: Includes the audience to help with extending the event using the spectators social media channels. This propels forward the growth of the movement so all approaches are welcomed! Post a picture or a flick and dont forget to #liveartsoslo it! <3