The Mic prop - a kaleidoscope reprocessed into a microphone prop (an obect to propel the narrative forward)
— xoxo <3



— David Bowie


Despite it being a helpful tool ofcourse and another delivery system it aspires to become something of it`s own. We now live inside a grey space between two worlds, the reality as we know it and the virtual.

The Internet; digital mother and the grand distributor of digital information carries the flag of being subversive, chaotic and organized at the same time. We are left with the relationship between user and provider, that is what the medium is all about.

                                                But the exploration is left entirely up to us.


Since the Age of Enlightenment and the printing revolution in Europe, the printing press has been delivering knowledge to the people, making information accessible through books and art. I believe the internet has a similar power today, affecting everything in hyper-speed along it’s way. As we’re reaching out for our smartphones- these digital tools functioning as flag-holders for the technological turnover, we are constantly conveying ourselves to the outside in ways previously unseen or -experienced.

In my latest project, FEARTV, I approach audiences of the Oslo art scene; reporting from openings and events by local artists and galleries. The performances function as live staged interventions, where I broadcast directly on my personas Instagram account. Spreading the word digitally to my persona’s followers, he becomes a jester between the digital and the analog world; posing questions related to the relevance of making art more accessible today. Do we believe a larger accessibility of art could be necessary, and how can our new digital tools help us achieve a broader insight into the world of contemporary art?


“A craft is not an object, but an activity” -Richard Sennett-